Beyond free-range. Living, breathing, and foraging on green pastures.


Free-range* sounds great, right? Sure it does, and it’s a term that  absolutely 100% applies to our birds! But our chickens are more than that—they’re pasture-raised.

Unlike free-range-only birds, ours are in the great outdoors and on green mid-Missouri pastures from the moment they’ve got enough feathers to handle the elements. They’re the real deal.

All our birds are raised on pasture, and eat an all-natural diet without antibiotics or hormones, and are free and happy to forage!


Since we process the day before our deliveries to restaurants, grocery stores and CSAs in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Jefferson City, you can rest assured ours is the freshest, most delicious poultry possible all season long**!

Try our whole chickens, breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, ground, livers, tasty sausages, and more from committed purveyors like these.

* “Free-range” can sometimes mean simply that chickens have some sort of access to the outdoors, but not necessarily that they’re on green grass or even spend much time outdoors at all. Ours are pasture-raised, which is significantly awesomer.

** Wintertime (January-February) deliveries will include frozen (or thawed) chickens, only, since our  pasture-raised methods limit when it is humane to raise poultry outdoors. But since we freeze our birds quickly and thoroughly, they’re just as healthful and delicious as the day they’re processed. Quality assured, pinky swear.